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This information is priceless. So generous of you to share it, Ryan. I believe the moment a person steps into a shop, that first impression is embedded. Your woodblocked images left that on me. I've never seen art like that before.

I'd say you have the edge on branding!


Ryan, I missed the class. But thank you for sharing this information. Its so thought provoking and makes newbies like me take a hard look at what I want to do and how I want to go about it.
Thanks again, will be back to read your posts!

Anitra Cameron

Ryan, this is just GREAT information. Thanks for sharing it!

michael ann

wow, i am printing this out and pinning it to my wall! this is certainly one of the most helpful things i've ever found about branding, thank you :]

karen cox

This is so wonderful. You are so generous.



Thanks a bunch for taking the time to put this online - I was in the virtual labs and really gained a lot in this session. :)


Thanks Ryan! This was a super helpful workshop and I appreciated the notes on your blog to follow along. See you around Portland!

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