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Account Deleted

You are teetering on the brink of success! I pray that your leap, when it happens, will take you as high as your imagination, and beyond your dreams! Go, go go! Your creative sisters are with you. We wish you success.

Anitra Cameron

This sounds wonderful, Ryan. A little scary, to be sure, but you're so good in person as a teacher, I can't believe you wouldn't do wonderfully as a seller, too!

Good luck!

myrna alvarado

I wish you so much luck! I know the feeling about being better online than in person!


Hi Ryan-- I am a new reader to your blog and came to it by way of the second interview you did with Sister Diane in which you talked about stepping away from your etsy scrabble jewelry. (I've now heard both interviews, but that second one really struck a chord with me.) I've been following you for a couple months now and what I like about you is that you seem to be on a journey, working toward balancing your art and your life. Your latest post also seems to be about wanting to be more in the Real. So...thanks for being so honest. You are a great inspiration and I wish you well. Forge on!

Lisa Griffen

I followed your FB link here. This sounds so good. Your Etsy shop has been such a success for so long that I imagine it's built up plenty of momentum and can coast along for a while with less attention.

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