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The best mindset would be to consider yourself on vacation. And catching the flu could be the only way that your body has to tell you to slow down a bit...So put money aside for those unexpected interruptions and that's it...

ah yes, getting sick is a bummer set back. for the overwhelming part - i get focused by writing out all that's on my plate and arrange by deadline/priority. then i start clipping and asking what really has no deadline... by letting myself off hook, i find a path to take to get things done.

even if i keep most tasks live, when they're in writing it seems less overwhelming. sometimes i think it's more overwhelming to not know what's on my plate.

then i set a timer for 5 minutes and get started on the first task!

Rebecca Harkin

Are you sure it's not allergies???

I always feel the pressure to be fast and always there for my clients, but sometimes I just can't. That's when I tell a white lie and say I'm "out of the office" between x & y dates or times and stop answering emails. It's like you are just giving them a heads-up for something that is out of your control. And they can just wonder what important thing you have to leave for even if it is just a trip to the vet or the park.

I used to say I was "backed up" and that I would get to their project asap, but I decided every client wants to think they are the only one and only acts of nature should delay their project.



I take ColdSnap the minute I get a sniffle and it clears up. I swore by it when I was a pre-school teacher. Haven't been sick in years.

That and some Knudsen's Lemon Ginger Echinecea drink...yum.

You get both of these at the local health food store/Whole Foods sorta place. Good luck!


So sorry to hear that you've been unwell . . . no matter when you get sick it always feels like a sneak attack and messes up things.

Have no great suggestions other than to take care of yourself and as my mother would say "drink plenty of fluids".

Feel better soon. Passing the tissues. :0)

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