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Laura Hansen

I always look forward to what you have to say next, thanks for all the great wisdom!

Phoebe C.

I've finally come to your blog through a post I bookmarked (in a long list of other links) ages ago and haven't stopped reading for the last hour!
Your writing style is the perfect balance of personal voice and information and I LOVE the shop critiques.
The way you present your experiences, advice and critiques makes the information readily transferable, not to mention how engaging the writing is in itself!
I'll definitely be visiting regularly and like peaseblossomstudio would love to see a weekly shop critique ;)

Sheryl Shuminsky

This is great! So glad I found your blog (via the Etsy forums tonight). The reasons I'm here, and still reading after nearly an hour (!) is because I like your writing style: clear, concise and to the point; you're intelligent and unapologetic about expressing opinions (something I value among women in business); you know more than I about Etsy and how I might define and market to my target markets and to establish a brand.

I really enjoy reading your shop critiques -- they're brisk and extremely informative yet also lighthearted, fun and inspiring. A nice combination!

I'm on FB (Hand Painted Petals) but not active on Twitter. However, I certainly will be following your blog here for your opinions Etsy-related, mom-related, business-related, whatever -- I like it here!

I was a single mom of two boys for several years; they're now 25 and 29, and relatively undamaged from the experienced so I know it's possible but it can sure be difficult, eh?)

I'd like to work on my shop a bit before I ask for your help; I need to not be so wordy and expand my line.

You have a good thing goin' baby -- keep it rollin'!

Hand Painted Petals


I like the mix of things you have on your blog, it keeps it fresh and interesting. The shop critiques you posted were very informative.

I'm a girl named Ryan too.

Elena Kaulenas

I've just started to check in with your blog and it's all incredibly helpful for someone just beginning in any kind of craft. The critiques are great, you have a sharp marketing talent and you're very encouraging. I also find the nuts and bolts posts on running your own small business really helpful. I'm just starting out myself after a long stint in a "creative" corporate job and the mindset is so different working on your own. I appreciate all that you share in navigating this new world! Great blog!

Julie Boyles

I say just write how much or little you feel comfortable with! It's hard coming up with just the right thing to suit everyone, especially when it sometimes feels like you're just talking to yourself. I enjoy reading about your business history and tips, the critiques are great, and ... well, really all of it.

You do a great job with all aspects of your blog Ryan, so just keep writing. We'll all read it with anticipation!


I started reading your blog because I was so hugely impressed with the way you were doing the shop critiques... not only were they helpful and informative, but you have such a lovely style in how you do them. I am new to blogging and new to the thought (it's still only a thought!) of having an Etsy shop, but I tend to put myself in other people's shoes a lot and I read your critique thinking it would be hard (and critical) but I'd learn a lot... I learnt not only how to do things well, but how generous you are as a person in your kind and gentle way of helping people improve. You are funny and interesting and an inspiration. Keep it up girl!

monica kaul

I love the business side of things, sprinkled with the personal tidbits. Your ups and downs draw me in - I really enjoy hearing of your experiences with Etsy, how you handled things when you reached a difficult turn in the road. Did you have anger? How did you handle that? How did you "let it go?"

Rachel Dykes

Although I have been a hand crafter for many years, I am new to Etsy and the selling world. I mainly have made my items for gifts. I've seen your shop and read your articles on Etsy. I find the information and advice on your blog very helpful as I try to launch my own business.

Tristan Cloy

As an apostle of raw candor at all costs, the categories and the pigeon holes are not relevant to the creative process just as long as you bring yourself to light, the process is the product and it comes gradually, in increments, like everything else.


This is the first time I've visited your blog but it won't be the last. I think sharing what you have learned along your way is a truly generous thing to do and I hope you will continue to write more. The critique I read was encouraging and informative. I'm so glad I stopped by.


1. Why do you read my blog?
Because you're a proven Etsy success and you have tons of advice and your blog is always useful, and interesting!

2. Do you want to see more shop critiques? (if so, how often)
Maybe once a week?

3. Are you interested in the things I learned along the way or am I just being a pufferfish peacock?

Well, I wasn't going to say anything, cough*cough.... KIDDING!! No, I LOVE hearing it.

4. Do you like the photo contests?
You have photo contests?

5. What do you want to know about me? (It's okay to say "nothing, stick to the critiques) :)
I like the stuff learned along the way.

Melanie Cook

I like reading all of the above!
I think I started reading your blog maybe because of a giveaway, but I stuck around. I like the mix of personal and art and business and all that... that's sort of what my own blog is like.

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