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I may be too late but I'd really welcome a critique. The detail and thoughtfulness of your critique would be really helpful.

Glenda of Dax Designs

Tabitha Sauls

This is so wonderful of you to do!! I'd love a critique. I'm very new, just started making jewelry in January of this year.

Email is

Thank you!!


I would love a critique! My life got too crazy and I had to take a step back from Etsy, but I am SO ready to get back into it, but I feel like my shop needs to step up.

Laura Hansen

I enjoy your blog very much and would love to hear your comments on my shop!


Well, I am probably too late, but hey, it is worth a shot right? I am Carla from, and I would love ideas about making my binders explainable. I understand the concept. But do other people? Thanks Ryan! Carla ...

Kathy Duncan

I too would love a critique!

Thank you so much!!!

aliza patell ratnayaka

Hi would love a critique please. new and not really happenng for me.
would love to be the project!


I would need your help.. hoping to get selected to be critiqued by you :)

Libby Hampel

Posted in your forum post, but will post here too!

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE a critique. Yours are the best I've seen!


Hello there:

Thank you for offering your expertise. I am interested in having my shop critiqued by you. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hello there:

Thank you for offering your expertise. I would appreciate it if you are ale to look at my shop
and give some feedack.

Thank you

Ryan *girl

The critiques are done randomly and I can only do 5? (maybe 6) however I still want to see your names here, you never know if you'll be chosen!


Hi! I will appreciate your critique! I'm a newby on Etsy and I'm looking for my first selling.
Many thanks,
With best wishes


Wow - just found out about this and realize I'm way down on the list :( but if you ever get a breath of fresh air, I'd welcome your advice!

Katie Frank

Please throw my shop in the mix!

What a wonderful idea for a blog series! Hope to be a part of it :)

Squidart Photography


I'd love to be considered.


Kimberlee Cantwell

I left a comment elsewhere but didn't see it when I signed up for rss feed so I thought I'd put a brief comment (the other was loooong) to put my site or etsy shop into the running for a critique. Before and after - neat idea.
My website (which has a shop link to my etsy site) is
my etsy shop is
Thanks so much for your critique week!

Kelley T.

I'd really appreciate a shop critique!

Jacki Inman

I've never had a critique and would appreciate any feedback!



I would love a shop critique; I'm always open to constructive criticism. :) Thanks so much for the opportunity. My shop is:

Lindsay May

I would love a critique! I especially love the idea of the before and after. I just read the first of your marketing articles last night so I'm all pumped! -Lindsay


Oh, how fun, this would be very interested... great idea. Critique me :0)

Warmest hugs


I found your this through an RT by Daniel Lexo, how fabulous! I would be so grateful for your point of view on my shop:
Thank you!


Oh gosh, it would be so fabulous to have another point of view and especially such a thoughtful one. I feel a little stuck and it would be wonderful to hear where I could focus my energy and attention.

Here is my shop:

Thank you!!


Hi! I'd love a good look at my shop. I enjoyed your first critique and appreciate that you put a lot of thought into it. (I've seen and had half done critiques.) I'd love to be chosen but I'm definitely watching your blog for the all of the reviews.

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