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I want to send you a cyberkiss and a cyberhug.
Really tight.
God Bless you

Bonnie Jones

I love hearing these kinds of stories! Makes me think that yes, my persistence WILL lead to good things. Thanks Ryan:)


I think telling our stories as artists is important. It shows that for the really great ideas, this phrase is almost never a part of the story "I saw someone else doing this ... "


Ryan, you're actually one of the Etsy artists I followed before I ever joined Etsy. I remember one of my first posts being how I wish I had thought up the Scrabble tile pendants first. LOL I don't wish that anymore! The market is crazy.


Cool story :)


Hey, but you are super awesomely perfectly smart TOO! :)
How great to read how you started this off and made it into a succes! You penny-pendants are super too!

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