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Tara Brisbine

Hi Ryan,
I read something on Etsy last week sometime and it mentioned your business name, which didn't strike any bells with me, but then I found your blog today while reading about blogging. I'm looking to start ASAP. I recognized your pendants and then your picture. I was vending my jewelry next to you a couple of times at the Portland Saturday Market. You even lent me a little of your ribbon for some tags because I ran out of thread. If I had known then, just how successful and involved you are in the Etsy world, I would've picked your brain a bit more! Its great to find you here and I look forward to your blog updates.

You can check out my work and picture if you can't remember me at:

Best to you!

Lindsay May

I have really enjoyed these critiques and hope I can apply some of the advice in my own shop.


Being another Portlander and Etsy seller, I've really enjoyed reading these and getting ideas for my own Etsy shop. My ears perked up when you were talking about Nina expanding into more kids items. I do all kids items and have learned a lot about the new CPSIA regulations for everyone over the last year. There is great info about what items are exempt and what are not exempt over in the Etsy forums. Just a thought when developing children lines:)


ryan, wow! you are a goddess! thank you so much for leading the etsy workshop for i <3 art (i was lucky to attend!)! and these! i just did a post about the workshop on my blog. i hope it's okay that i quoted some of what you shared here! congrats on offering your services to the community professionally!!!


Again, great feedback. It is so wonderful to see so many great shops get seen. I have learned so much from shop critique week! Thank you Ryan!

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