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Great critique! I agree, a wonderful shop. I'd also like to see one of the photos in the listing with the purse open and a few every day items spilling out do get the feel of how I could use the bag. I too think that a photo with a man using the bag would open you up to a new consumer. : )


I would add that I also love that 5th photo of the skirt that you made into the orange and tan bag-- and I am glad you included it. What is that line-- sow's ear into a silk purse? You have a wonderful line of work here. Best of luck!

Ryan *girl

Great point about the shop title, Lindsay May, I completely overlooked it. Absolutely talk about your product in your shop title, it not only clarifies what you make, it is also searchable through google.

I am really glad you're on your way wooly, I don't think you have far to go!


Thanks so much for reviewing my shop! I see I've got a bit of work to do. I will definitely be going for the men's market (by adding some male modeling pics), adding conversions and changing pricing! I do make things out of BOTH clothing and new wools, so I'll try to convey this in a clearer manner. Eventually, I'd like to make everything in the shop recycled--pricing a little higher would definitely make it easier to do!


I am so enjoying these critiques as well as learning how incredibly little I know about marketing.
This critique was amazing. I do have to agree with the idea of adding your bags to the banner, and perhaps adding a tag line to it help distinguish what it is you sell. Or a green bison? :) And Lindsay had a great suggestion - I've noticed it is mainly those who have an established following who have their shop name in their title - and nothing else.
I love the addition of your tag to the inside of the bag, and your eye for color is wonderful.
Best of success in taking your work/shop to the next level.

Lindsay May

Wow! What a fabulous shop and great photos. One thing I noticed is that your tag line is just "Wooly Bison". Would it perhaps be better to have a more descriptive tag line since this is an important thing that search engines search for?

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