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Very well written article love how it flows and guides reader, Your Jewelry is absolutely exquisite. Your pieces are very bold, and beautiful!

sharon sloane

Stacey, you're jewelry is fabulous and definitely underpriced! You do an amazing amount of work and if you tell people about how you make the pendants, it will not only interest them but they will understand the price.
Ryan, I love how you have zoned in on the artists' personalities and in such passionate words suggested how they should make changes. I would be honored for you to critique my shop whenever you can. I know my photos are not great and I need to follow your recommendations as to measurements, etc. I will be working on that, but would love some info as who, what and where we should be putting our efforts in the little but essential time we have for social media and networking. Also, general advise to turn lookers into customers.
Thank you


Yes, your banner is beautiful it would be great if your listing photos gave the same feel. Knowing more information on how your items are handcrafted would definitely justify higher prices.

Lauren Hoehn

Ryan- these critiques are so thoughtful and thorough. Beautiful shops too! I am still somewhat new to etsy and I so appreciate all of the people like you have "been there" and "tried that" and share your knowledge to help others succeed. So generous and helpful!

If you ever have a chance to critique my matter how long I have to wait:) I would love any imput as I seem to edit everyday anyway- hehehe!


I'll also echo that-- it's nice to know the love and work that goes into your jewelry, Form!

Ryan, all four of these critiques has made me now want to put my shop into the ring to be considered-- You have been so insightful about each artist, and I've really enjoyed how thorough you've been, covering everything from photos to pricing. Thanks!

Susan Foskin

Gorgeous pieces Form! I would definitely not blink an eye at paying more if I knew about the work you put into it. Tell me about it in your description! Like others have said, I'm going to take some of these items and apply them to my own shop now. Thanks!

Molly Alexander

First, Stacy - your jewelry is beautiful and Ryan is absolutely correct that you should raise your prices - you are worth it! Second, Ryan, thanks so much for this post. I'm going to go back through the first 3 critiques as well & go to work on my own shop!

:-) Molly

Stacy Low

Thanks everyone - you all made my day! Now off to start making changes - yippee! excited!

Erin Jane

Good luck Stacy! Amazing insight from Ryan and I think she hit the nail on the head...a few times! I'll be checking back to see how your photos and shop have evolved. Absolutely gorgeous work and Ryan, these critiques have been just awesome. So thoughtful. What a gift.


Best wishes Stacy - What a lovely shop and gorgeous, innovative jewelry. I am also excited to see how your shop changes as you implement Ryan's ideas.


I've read all 4 critiques and wow there's so much useful help there, even tho none of it was my shop I picked up a few pointers on what to work on.

At the moment I don't get a lot of time for business with my son still being the main focus, so it's all snail pace but on the to do list there's:

the avatar, rethinking the shop announcement, working my bio over, re take some old hideous pictures with one of the other backgrounds and in good lightning (yay for spring) and phew finding out where my real strength is ;) What do you say, full plate?

Not sure about the photos in general, I do think they are quite decent?

Anyway, I think all of the shops have really great products that deserve to find loving owners, so keep going all of you

Stacy Low

This was definitely my lucky day. Just printed this blog post so I could have it in front of me to use and use as I work on the shop. You're right, I'm scared to raise prices when I've just recently had more sales but I do believe that you are right and that I am underselling myself. Thank you for the confidence building and the really terrific ideas.


You have beautiful jewelry! I agree with Ryan about raising your prices on your pieces, worth so much more than what you are charging. They are intricate and take a lot of time to do with sawing, etching and patinas. All the best!

Ryan *girl

Stacy, that kind of comment makes it all worth it!

I can't wait to see your shop evolve, please keep me posted!

Stacy Low

Wow!!! (Heart pounding and spilling over with pride and HUGE gratitude!!!) I can't thank you enough! I will read and reread and use this critique as a little road map for the foreseeable future. What a gift you've given me! Ryan, there is so much good, rich help in this - I can't wait to get started! Thank you so very much.

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