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One other product I thought about, although it is seasonal, would be a graduation album. With all the wonderful ideas Ryan has given you, you probably have enough on your plate for now. Your work really is beautiful. Best wishes to you.

Lindsay May

Nice shop! I think your avatar and banner are really branded and recognizable. I remembered you right away from the forums.


Chris, you're so right about lower price things being tempting! I know we all want the sales numbers, and I probably fell into that trap. Hee hee "gourmet product line"...


Great critique! I think you are definitely on to something with the larger higher end pieces, and the wedding market is really something to tap into. Good luck Pease!

Ryan *girl

Chris! So yes on the baby items too! I meant to add that but have been working on this critique in bits and pieces today, so yay for you for popping in!

Gorgeous shop Pease!


Thanks so much Ryan! This gives me a place to go...many, in fact! I had not thought of combining other things (flower brooches for bridesmaids, and putting them in bouquets on books, etc. with bridal stuff). Ok, major shop clean out and fix up on the way! LOL on the jewelry. :-) And you are correct.

Thank you again, this means a lot to me. You're the best!


great critique, and perfect product ideas!! I love the idea of staying with higher end products. With Etsy it's tempting to shift toward lower cost items, as there is the perception that they will be an easier sell. But that often has the effect of watering down a "gourmet" product line.

If you put more bridal (and baby!) albums in there, you might also consider teaming up with a local photographer -- offer to give them a commission, and it might be a great upsell.

great critique!

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