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Jane Buckley

I felt yours was a solid critique and love your advice for her development of wider bands, chokers and woven earrings (maybe smaller rolls that are like the simpler necklaces?). Love your suggestion that she should focus on appealing to brides - and work the romantic and maybe the Ireland angle. The right model would really attract attention, but be careful? She could maybe think about trying some pieces with more high end seed beads, smaller beads, like Miyuki, silver content seed beads -- oh so bridal. I know they'd probably need a higher price point...? Dropping the simple earrings from the photos seems right -- but she should keep up her inventory of supplies for basic dangles. Boy do my customers love when I gift them with a pair of earrings with their purchases. I try to have a few odds and ends left from pieces just for that purpose. Also, pretty little simple ones (Like those at go fast at craft fairs if you ask $10 or less. Anyway, I'm such a windbag... but totally got into your direct, insightful and helpful response to Balanced. Now off to get rid of my avatar that isn't a product photo?? !!!
Thank for being so available and generous.


Vintage Ring

Good collection. I liked the jewelery.Some days before I have bought a pendant for have to wait for some days to buy some more.

Kimberlee Cantwell

I have enjoy both critiques and have also found the mini critiques in the forums to be somewhat helpful, but certainly not as helpful as this! I am constantly learning and growing and would love to have a critique of my shop. My etsy shop is
I also have a website if you'd prefer to critique that
I have been struggling with the new CPSIA tags and regulations and have thought about getting rid of children's things entirely but I am not certain. I'm not sure if my shop has a cohesive look and feel and if the huge variety is too much. I have wondered if I should concentrate my efforts in my newest passion, wedding floral pieces and jewelry. I don't have much of that in my shop yet, however. I would love any feedback and suggestions you have. You've been right on with the other two critiques and I think you could be super helpful with me as well.

jane linders

These are the best photo ever. This is an accurate critique of her shop and you've given me food for thought on my etsy shop. Thanks for sharing.

Rach W.

oh! and I have always offered custom orders, but I have put a custom order notice in my ribbon bracelet listings now as well. :)

and please excuse any typos above. k. thx. :)

Rach W.

Gosh, thank you so much Ryan. :)

Firstly, for picking my shop to critique and secondly for all these wonderfully helpful inputs.

I want to point out that I do usually have my shop announcement shorter. It usually does show my featured items. It's just this month I have to have to that lil blurb there for the Etsy Ireland Team treasure hunt. So, that is an easy fix as it is only temporary. I'm in complete agreement with you about shorter shop announcements. :)

I also moved the currency info into my shop policies last night.

Thank you very much for your kind words about my banner. I've been thinking I need to change that, so that is very reassuring.

And I can't tell you how happy I am to read that you appreciate the more intricate pieces more. Those are the pieces I started my shop with and they are the pieces I am more passionate about. In general, on Etsy at least, I feel like like beadweaving is sadly under appreciated. There are so many talented beadweavers on Etsy!

I plan to put all your advice into practice immediately!

I guess I should have a massive earrings sale. :P

As for the photos, I'm so happy you had good things to say about them as I find I really struggle with photography, but if you saw my first sold items you will see they still have come a long way. They are embarrassing, really. lol
I completely agree with Erika too about the cimbicid photos, they are dark and they need to be retaken and it is on my very long to-do list.

Regarding a live model, I would love that too! Unfortunately I don't really know anyone here in Ireland aside from a few a my husbands friends, which are all men, so I was forced to be own model. And I'll be the first to admit I do not make a good hand model. lol I will try to figure out something to rectify this though. Perhaps I could pay a neighbour or barter with some earrings.

I'm so, SO happy that you like my lattice ribbon bracelets. I love them too. Like I said in the email, when I came up with them I was very excited and felt they would be well received. When they weren't it was a bit discouraging, but you've helped me see that I just need to do better marketing them . And so I will.
I moved a few of them last night into the weddings section. Do you think I should move all them or just a few and still keep some under jewelry?

I can definitely expand into wider cuffs and chokers. I did try to do an earring version of them, which was a massive fail, but I'm not one to just give up. I'm not sure how they would work as a headband - I would worry about the beads getting caught up and tangled in the hair, but I will give it some more thought and see how I may make it work. I'm going to at least try.

Right now I am working on some metalwork/beadweaving pieces that I am also very excited about. So, I think I general, now thanks to you and this critique I have a much better understanding of where I want to go with my shops style and I just can not thank you enough, Ryan.

I will be working hard to put all these things into practice.

Thank you! :)

and thank you to everyone for their helpful comments as well. You guys are awesome.


Ryan*girl you are nothing short of delicious. As is Balanced.

Ryan *girl

Julie, thanks for saying you enjoyed my critique. I hope all sellers will find some advice that resonates this week. It's too bad I don't have time to do all the shops.

julie green

I thought that this critique was excellent, thorough, and very thoughtful. I've been frustrated by shop critique virtual labs because they seem so superficial. I think I'm really going to enjoy your little critique series.

And yes, I agree that the lattice bracelets would be amazing as headbands.

Hey Buttons work is wonderful ! It would be nice to see more intricate earrings.

Ryan *girl

Oo I forgot to add, offer custom color lattice jewelry as well. You can charge more and brides love to be "matchy matchy".

This is a must do if you follow along this path.


I love the feel of the shop as a whole and the cohesive style of photography. I think what stands out to me is how there are some stunning photos (like the yellow ribbon and bead cuff) that feature the color nicely but there are a few photos (like the Cimbicid - Aventurine - Necklace) that are a touch dark in the foreground. The true color of the piece is difficult to see.

I love the beadwork in this gorgeous!


Oh I agree with you in regards to the woven ribbon bracelet! I love it! I think that is so unique and would really stand out among the sea of jewelry on Etsy and in craft fairs!

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