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This is great advice! I will definitely be trying this out myself. Thanks!

aliza patell ratnayaka

Hey, good luck. I live and work across the pond in rather rainy London and have been considering planning a trip to the coast for the summer and thinking about meeting people out there to sell to. will def be reading your posts...
good luck with it all


I'd love to hear how this went! Also, do you take your child in with you? I would love to do this, but I have kids (albeit, very well behaved ones) and I never approach places because I'm worried they would frown on it. I just don't have time without them....Hope you post more on this!

Jacaranda Designs

I'll definitely be following you. I hope you land some great wholesale opportunities!


i will be reading - thanks for chronicling!!


I completely agree with knowing your audience. Good luck to you!


Do you leave samples behind? I suppose that's required for the story to be succesful, right?

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