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i am trying to find that balance myself. being an mother of an almost 3 year old, a wife, and an artist who also has MS and Fibromylgia and developing not just my Etsy shoppe, but developing my photography business, yeah..its hard!

balance and staying focused is key and organization. one thing that i cannot do is watch tv and work. i know many that are able to do this, but i find it too distracting. i enjoy listing to music much better. that and i turn off my all my internet gadgets that notify me of email, etc. if i need to look up something that's fine, but other than that i try and stay focused.

also getting outside with my cameras. that is a huge thing to constantly taking images. i try to do this several times a week.

it's hard, in between doc appts, MRI's, treatments, bouts of fatigue, family, etc. but i just do it.

you'll find your balance. whatever works for you best :) it's a process like everything else you do :)

sara girlscantell

hi, ryan! i make lists, lots of lists, and lists of lists, until i'm comfortable that the idea and its execution won't be any less good when i get to it. then i concentrate on making what i'm working on good, finishing that and going back to revisit my list ideas.
also, it's important to not be afraid to toss out the ideas that aren't so great when revisited, so that the projects i do focus on are really worthwhile (aka, sometimes stepping away and coming back puts things into perspective better).


Robin Marie

I've found it's not so much about reining in as it is about finding a balance. Of course, I don't usually have any time at all to pursue new ideas, so I try to ignore them a lot, but sometimes they can't be ignored! Then I just have to remember that the nuts and bolts are just as exciting and just as necessary. You'll balance out, I'm sure of it.


i have a special notebook that i got from . i use it to write down any and all ideas that i have, and if i've thought that much about it, i write down my plan for how it *should* work.

it's great because when i finally have run out of ideas (which does, occasionally, happen), i have that notebook to look through and i can try out some of those aforementioned ideas.

hope that helped!

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