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You know, I agree with you, but I also think it's vital for handmade to be more aware of being artisan quality. People just can't afford to buy earrings that fall to bits, gloves that unravel or poorly-made bags that don't last and there is too much of that kind of thing on some of the big "craft" sites.

I think there is a real opportunity for artisanship now - as long as products are beautifully made and really good value for money - which, by the way, does not mean cheap. Buyers do want high quality things that they can use for some years and throwaway fashion is over - and good riddance to it!


Well said all of you! In these challenging times, we need to keep smiling, keep the faith and be creative. Being creative is not just about making a product but the creative energy has an amazing healing quality for us that tap into that creative source. It is very powerful and the more we can create, the more we heal ourselves and that energy goes out into the world. All of you have written well and those words are healing to others. Thank you!

karen cox

I was taking a break with a cup of coffee and some blogs to read. It's difficult to balance reality with creativity. As you stand with eyes wide open staring at the scary predictions, you awaken with so many creative ideas that they spill all over the place. Creating is better than staying in bed with the covers pulled over my head.



Thank you for that! I stop by your blog every so often as I regularly find solace in those embarking on similar journeys. As doom and gloom as it all seems right now... we should look for the opportunities to be had rather than focus on the negative.... I'm still moving forward... I agree, customer service is paramount and it is something we can all do... now, I'd better practice what I preach and go fill my orders!

Lynn White

This transition from excess and frilliness to simplicity and handcraftsmanship has happened before. Remember the excesses of the Victorian period and then the huge growth in the arts and craft movement in the early 1900's? We need to run with this. I see a new era in retailing coming up. I really think we can replace big box stores with small businesses just like in the old days. And doesn't everybody look back at them as the "good 'ole days"? And why was that? Personal service. The store owner knew you and talked to you when you came into the store. They asked how your family was doing. Wouldn't people like to return to that again, but with the help of our current technologies?


A big thanks for all your positive energy! you make my day!


I to would have to agree. I think that being handmade and working from home is actually a boon. People will see/think that being handmade, perhaps things will better made and cheaper, so they will want to buy. I think that with the ecnomy, people are more willing to make things or have things made for them as opposed to going to some box store where they know they aren't really that important. They want to matter and know that their dollars are appreciated and with handmade, they will know that. Just my .02


I too have been worrying about the handmade business lately. As I'm in the middle of setting up my own part-time business as a ceramist, I'm constantly doubting if that's the right thing & time to do.
On the other hand I like to believe that the handmade personal approach accompagnied with the warmth of real (or virtual) contact with the customer can make such a difference.
Even if a seller or customer lives miles away, it can be the most wonderful shopping experience ever just because you know who you are buying from or selling to. Somehow I never encounter this feeling when I walk into the local H&M or Crate & Barrel... 'cause there, you're just a number...
Looking forward to future posts!


I totally agree... we are a luxury and we need to step up and make it such a wonderful rewarding experience to the buyer that they feel good about each purchase!

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