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Anitra Cameron

Thanks, Ryan! This oughta light a good roaring blaze under me, and get me going on that Christmas push!


Hi Ryan, I always enjoy reading your tips. Love the photo you used for this blog entry! Happy Fall too :)


Great tips. I will be incorporating most all of them in my shop. Thanks!

Hey Buttons

Hey get out of my head!:)

These are great tips that have been on my mind for a few weeks now.

I'm preparing 2 ads for November that will have a gift centered theme to them.


You are so good at marketing, and I love all the tips. Everything you mentioned makes sense, but it is nice coming from someone who successfully sells on Etsy. I agree totally, if they don't sell, you have many Christmas presents made for under the tree. Thanks for sharing your tips.


Great info. Thank you. I need to get busy!


Hearts to the holiday season.

I am looking for Holiday shows this season.


Great tips! I'm realizing just how much I have to do now to get ready for the holidays.

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