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Anitra Cameron

Thanks, Ryan. These are such good tips, and on top of that, they make me feel hopeful. Whoever thought that the cost of gas could actually be a plus for us online sellers?


Your advice is so sound Ryan! As a nearly poor consumer it's the stores that offer lower prices and sales that always get my repeat business. I'm also more apt to buy multiple items even if I spend more than I set out to. I see it as a good investment, one for me and a second for a gift down the road :)


wow i just discovered your blog and it is really helpful to a newcomer etsy store!

Thanks! i will visit often!


These are great tips, but what do you do if your prices are already in the range of $15 to $25 ?

I don't think I can even afford a %10 off sale. Would a Buy 2 get one free be an option?
It might be something to think about, but I would be loosing money.

I will be putting my thinking cap on, maybe I'll figure something out.

Thanks for your blog:)


oh, SO helpful, Ryan! I've been thinking about this and talking to other friends who are fine crafts people (woodworkers, etc)- creative thinking helps, because none of us want to feel deprived, and maybe we as craftspeople can help stave off those feelings of depravation. I know I'm trying to keep my prices as low as I can while everything else is skyrocketing. . . .


Thanks for the tips, they're always extremely helpful!! I hope you are enjoying your summer with the little one ... and the big one :)

Alison Whittington

These are great suggestions and full of optimism, which I think is the best tool for survival right now.

melissa (maoiliosa)

this is something that has really been weighing on my mind lately. the tips you've listed are really helpful; thanks for posting this! i can testify that the sale idea is really a great one: i started one on the first of the month, and i've already almost made my monthly goal (small as it may be, haha ;p).

i love what you write! you're always so nice and helpful, ryan :).


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