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excellent and inspiring suggestions! living driving distance away from nyc- a place plenty never lacking in careerism, consumerism and instant gratification- I feel like such an oddball sometimes living out my crafty/creative lifestyle. It is inspiring and encouraging to read blogs like this to see all the interesting cool projects people in craft/diy community are engaged in- great job :)

Nicole Lee Artsitry

I love looking for things to get inspired! I blogged about inspiration today! There's a fun video that you might enjoy!

Sister Diane

Most excellent advice - thanks, Ryan!

When I'm in a slump, I try to learn about a craft I've never tried before. That usually snaps me right back into the excitement.

Stephanie G.

These are all wonderful ideas. I especially like the "cleaning up the clutter" suggestion. When I straighten my workspace, I keep a little box ready for the materials for new projects that pop into my head as I am cleaning up.

zarita dinero

Love it! I like the forced break to help clear my mind and make sure I'm well rested, well fed, and have checked in with friends for human interaction. I'm learning to have compassion for myself and not beat myself up. I've always liked the library idea. Searching through Etsy to see all the pretty things gets me excited about creating something of my own. All the soothing colors and textures... I like looking through the Pounce feature the best. Thanks!

Mary Richmond

these are great suggestions! popped in from Etsy, btw....


great ideas, thank you!


what a great list! i have tried every one of those things, successfully. it's great to see it all in one place as a reminder. i'm a list fiend.
thanks for posting this!


My 4 year old suggests that we make a marshmallow village...NOW!
Let the creativity begin-YIPPEEE


Very, very wise list


These are really great tips! And I like how they are all free or cheap! No one likes expensive inspiration! lol

sherry truitt

Thant's a great list. I take photos of things unrelated to jewelry.


Good ideas! I look at others who work on art and see what sort of inspiration they work on...I read a good claasic novel for my inspiration... take break and go do something totally uncrafty to get away from my art studio.... ask others for ideas they to get an idea of what others are interested in....look at photgraphs, picture books etc. to get inspiration....


oh I am so there right now. I think I'm off to try slips in the pillow case!


Nice list. I already do some and will try others. Nice to have a list to refer to!

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