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what a wonderful article! ^_^

Kelly Newcomer

thanks! I appreciate the insight.

murphy adams

Saw your post in the etsy forums. Thanks for this article, well said and full of really useful ideas and hope!

Mary Hamilton

Thank you for blogging on this topic and being willing to share your experiences. It's always good to hear what's working for someone else. And thanks Littleput!


Great advice! Saw your post on the etsy forums and being an artist well, I just had to look! Thanks for sharing and Happy Wednesday!

Lindsay Johannemann

MicheleMaule definitely has a great shop. The talent that floods Etsy never ceases to amaze me. Michele has a great style, unique & fun. Her tips are great and some came be used by anyone, not just those selling fine arts. Thanks for bringing these great tips to our attention, littleput!


Great ideas and encouraging words. I think pricing is the hardest thing for me. The different price point idea is a good suggestion.


Thank you so much for this post. I'm a visual artist, with only a few sales, but I am still enjoying every minute of creating my art as well as promoting it. I love Michele's work too.


Cicada Studio

I'm not a fine artist, but I found this very informative- a good read- and inspiring. Thanks!


inspiring concise advice. and great work. thanks!


Great advice! mintage (my etsy username) hearts michele as well! Thanks for posting :)


Great tips! Thanks for sharing them.


This is really helpful info. Michele's work is lovely. Thanks!

Art Kitten

This is great advice from a great artist. Michelle Maule is one of my favorites! Thanks for the interview for us trying to sell fine art!

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