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I can't tell you how much you have inspired me by what you've written here on your blog. I have been in the same situation and have often wrestled with myself whether or not to just sell the instructions on how to make some of the things I make...
What the previous reader said about "I hope you know that there's a big difference buying a product made by the originator than buying a Knock-off. Your's will always be the better product."

I think it's not nice to buy one of someone else's items and then take it apart to try and figure out how it's made, I don't know but that is tacky to me.

I hope you don't mind, I'm going to link to this fabulous article, and hopefully you will get even more sales of your instructions.
Best of luck to you!


Ummmm.... Remember the Beatles; "There's nothing you can do that can't be done" I've been copied, you've been copied, DaVinci was copied. It is what it is.


I really like what you do with the scrabble
tile pendants. Do you just buy a scrabble game
in order to get the scrabble pieces? What do you use as a coating for your finished scrabble pendants ?

thanks, tameka


Please tell me there is some way I can get a scrabble tile pendant. I have had your site bookmarked for over 9 mo. waiting for 3 June birthdays to roll around, knowing that I wanted to order them for friend/sisters. I just went to your site today, and see that you don't have them, but that you will announce where/how to get them. Can I please find out?!
Thank you!!!



I would love to try this technique using larger blocks and my folkart paintings.
Can you advise how I can purchase instructions from you.
Email me direct!


The problem of great minds thinking alike, and copy cats is a tough one for artists and crafters alike. I like the idea of your pdf, so I can learn how you are doing it. Usually I can just see how things are made, but sometimes it's good to know for sure. I wondered if you used resin or podge or a glass tile, and how to attack the bails, but a pdf would let me know much better. And I don't have to deconstruct one of your pretty necklaces! That being said, I can already think of different things to do with this idea, and have materials myself that I could use. I hope you don't see that as copy cat, but more of an inspiration from a great base. Another option for you would be a sort of agreement or shared list of people who are doing approved work. So people who like what someone else is doing can know if they are a copy cat or an original.


All the scrabble pendants on Etsy really inspired me to learn about creating something with resin and I've always wondered who had the "original" idea... but, of course, that's hard to know.

I hope you wouldn't consider what I do a "knock-off" since I use glass tiles but I was certainly inspired by your pendants and I'm sure many others were too.

I've also wondered if I will be overtaken by so many people making these types of pendants and, in fact, I've already seen a slowing of sales. I guess it's the way of the market and the answer is to innovate. But that's tough when you have so much time and technique invested.

Best of luck to you and thanks for your service to the Etsy community!

Miss Courageous

Ah, the copycats! I too make scrabble jewelry, mine is different than yours, and I've been doing it for some time. I finally decided to get on etsy, and I now, a few months later there are bracelets like mine and pendants done the same way as mine, and beleive me, I searched and searched last year and there was NOBODY doing the same thing. Now some of my other work is getting knocked off too, it's sad isn't it.


I admire you for what you are doing and have great respect for your courage and generosity. I love your shop. Haven't bought a pendant yet but will do in the future and I will never buy from anyone but you. Congratulations on such a creative idea. You can be proud of yourself and copiers certainly cannot. It's just lazy to copy someone else. I'll be checking your shop often. Good luck to you.

Cicada Studio

By putting it out there, you've probably deflated some of your own anxieties. No need to tell you, I'm sure, but it's the innovation, choices you make, the skills with which you do it and how you present yourself and your product that makes you stand above the rest. You know and your fans know- and your future fans will know that you create something inherently "you" and that's saying a lot.


I just wanted to say that this is a wonderful gesture . . . And will probably end up winning you more business and loyalty in the long run. I am delighted, too, by your Looking Glass line - no way anyone can copy your exact photographs, and your unique vision!

I make art, I make jewelry, I teach classes, I come up with my own ideas, and yes, I backwards engineer based on inspiring things I see and then adapt them. It's a tough line to walk as artists and craftspeople - honoring the sources of our inspiration and making things uniquely our own prior to selling them. This is particularly true right now of jewelry that incorporates collaged, found, or personal imagery in some way - it's so popular!

I've also had a few weird moments of "Wow, this person makes stuff really similar to mine . . . I've never seen them before . . . she's been making it for ages . . . Damn, I hope she doesn't think I'm copying her!" as well as "Shit! That's exactly like what I do! Copycat!"

And I've had the experience of students who've taken my classes - students who know how to make everything I do because I taught them how to do it - coming back and buying jewelry from me. That's a cool thing.

So, thanks for finding a way to be positive about a tough situation - I'm off now to buy not only the .pdf instructions to experiment with (rest assured I won't be teaching the technique! this is for my own use only!) as well as one of your Looking Glass pendants.


I bought a couple of your pendants - they're wonderful and I will be keeping them for myself.

I hope you know that there's a big difference buying a product made by the originator than buying a Knock-off. Your's will always be the better product.


I have wondered how you must feel and I'm glad you said something. I know how ya feel and I understand about the choice-making. Way to turn it into a positive. 8-)

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