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Cheryl McNulty

Thank you and I will definitely take this all into consideration with new items!


Thanks so much for this great information. I am a new member of Etsy and looking forward to make wonderful and useful things to be sell at Etsy. Thanks.


I know you wrote this a few years ago, but it's such a timeless post and full of the best advice. I was excited to see that I already do some of things you suggested, and can do the other things as well. Most of all, I appreciated what you said about design: "Design is constant recreation of the same idea, once you've made it into something you're beaming proud of, it is ready to show to the world." Beautiful!


I am considering starting an Etsy shop & this article has been extremely helpful. I love the tip about getting the ideas from the materials because that is exactly how I. create much of the time


I only 6days old in Etsy seller community. I produce prints and notecards but 0 sale yet. Some of the illustration artists have make their way to the top sellers and they are my inspiration. Sometime it's kinda upset to wait for the sale but as you said, keep creating and love what I'm doing :) I believe this will bring me further and get over those negative emotions.

Thank you great advice!

Craig Davies

I am new to the etsy community. I just read your comments, and they seem to be very sound advise!! "Thank you" for your sharing.
I would like to link a BLOG/site I am currently working on with yours when it's completed and launched live, would that be ok??
Another issue/situation I'm facing is finding what is going to sell and what isn't. I suppose that's simply a 'trial and error' process that has to be stepped into.
A friend of mine, a Fashion Clothing Rep., whom also has a few clothing lines of his own...told me that I shouldn't worry so much about producing what "I like" so much as what the "customer's like & demand".
When he told me that it registered that I could end up with a warehouse full of something I like that doesn't sell potentially...
Is it allowed for people on etsy to "partner" up, per say, where one focuses on manufacturing/producing product, and the other "partner" focuses on marketing and sales?? Is that allowed on etsy?
If it's allowed, as long as there is a viable "partnership" where two or more are working together in the same direction, with the same product(s).... How would I contact those who may be interested in the marketing and sales end of that potential "partnership"?
My focus and forte is the production and manufacturing...not the marketing and sales. There is enough, working as a team, to share as long as the volume is high enough...make sense?
Perhaps I could introduce to you what it is I am doing, and you could/would assist me in finding or locating others who would be interested in "partnering" and doing the marketing and sales.
I have several LINES, and would probably prefer to go with a different individual with each different LINE; however would consider taking all of my LINES with one individual IF they can demonstrate to me, justify to me, their capabilities and a past track record of capability and ability to make that volume happen...
Once again I sincerely appreciate your sharing. If you or anyone else is able to assist me with my question/concern, I would greatly appreciate a contact via whichever means....SickStitchOwner is my etsy username, my personal email is [email protected]....
Have a wonderful day!


Jan Bush-Wood

I have an account set up to sell on Etsy. What you wrote about loving what you make really spoke to me. I love my dolls, I call them "My Ladies" The glitch is...I haven't put any up for sale yet! Pricing is the problem, I can't decide, what to ask for them.
I will continue to read past storque articles.
If anyone wants to send me to a site that would help me, I'd really appreciate it.

Shawnasie Shear

Great information. Thanks!

Sight See Books

Great article! Thanks for posting!

Idea journals are such an important part of the creative process. Edit, edit, edit! There's a rule a loved one gave me recently called the "Hemingway Rule" -- which is this: If something seems like a wonderful idea, sleep on it. Don't force yourself to stay up late utterly obsessed working on it. Go to bed. If you wake in the morning excited about it, gently start building on the idea, and stay open.


Thanks for the advice! I've got the product, just have to jump in and open a store. The trick seems to be "how to get people to the etsy store"


I've just read this,thank you for the very helpful information-I feel inspired!

monica from hola!design

thank you! it;s true ..materials are a excellent source of to the supply store!

The Wedding Contessa

Very sound and straight forward advice!
Thanks much!


Great article!

perfectly clear

Thank you


I think exactly like you:)

you wrote it sooo clear, you are great!

Thank you



Just found your blog. Lots of great info, thanks for sharing


Thank you so much for the inspiration. I've been struggling with my Etsy shop for a while wondering what direction to go in.


I am getting ready to open my store and currently researching good reference material. Thank you for sharing such useful information.


Perfecting and expressing the item are so necessary! Headed back to my drawing board to see what I can do better!


Great post and great information!
Thank you for your time and expertise.


wonderful, helpful post! and your items are SO clever. :)


I'm starting on Etsy and this article is really heartening and enlightening. Thank you for taking some of the initial "scare" off!


This is fantabulous. Especially for those of us that are struggling with sales, i.e., attracting that buyers attention thru better photos, better product etc.


This was really helpful. I only just stumbled upon your blog, and it has been enlightening.

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