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Patchwork Underground

awesome advice. i was always intimidated by the forums - but you're right - i should speak up and be seen! thanks for encouragement and information. =)


Hi! A good forum, glad to join you :-)


Hello folks, I just went akross this awesome forum through google and I like the especialy "" form. I really like the design and the team does its job verry good.
I´m Andrew and I´m pleased to be here :)


Lisa Holt

Thank you so much for all of your helpful advice. I remember so much of what I learned from you last year (even just while observing in the forums)and now I'm gearing back up for *more* of it! :)


Gloria Wilson

Your bloggings are very informative and well written. This one is a good post.Would like to see more about your success as a seller.


Great advice...thanks!


As usual, a wise, articulate posting!

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