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Ryan *girl

Ha Susan. :) Either way its kind of a labor of love. There is always a trade off...


I really dislike photographing my work. On that note alone I think I will start replicating some stuff but then I have to contend with the ADD and boredom of repetition and then I'll have to... and then.... see where I'm going? Not very far! LOL Thanks Ryan.

Sara from Shy Siren

That's so right--the time spent to photograph/style each piece, edit up in Photoshop, write up a description, upload to the website, promote on twitter, promote of facebook, etc needs to be included in the selling cost of the item. The more I can make of an item, the more I can amortize it over that number of pieces. I find that I need to sell usually about 7 or 8 of an item (average price of about $30) to make it "worth my while".

Thank you so much for sharing such terrific insights with us. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


One thing, I've learned about selling one of a kind items, is that, if you're going to do it, you need to make the price worth it, because photography and listing time is exclusive to that piece only. In other words, don't sell a $5.00 one of a kind item! :-)

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